Lesson Plan : Light Pollution

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 K. Patten
 Language Arts

 Persuasive-Photo Essay
 What are the characteristics of an effective Photo Essay versus a report. How are they effective in persuading their audiences.
 -To expose students to a Photo-essay. -Compare and contrast the characteristics of effective reports. -Students will develop criteria for an effective report.
 Lighting the Night Sky Disc Laptop computer Projection machine Student worksheets Examples of photo essays Report to read Venn diagram Chart paper Highlighters
 1.Link this lesson to previous lessons we have been studying in this unit. 2.Discuss the idea of persuasive text. Have the issues we've been studying been persuasive or informative?
 1.What is a Photo essay?- Introduce definition. 2.Think-pair-share-What is Light Pollution? 3.Read Photo essay chorally, students focus on the characteristics of a photo essay. 4.Record characteristics on chart paper. 5. Read photo essay again, this time pausing to discuss the photos and text. 6.Introduce photo essay assignment.
 1.Guided reading- Meet with small group to listen to reading of report for fluency and comprehension. Lead students in a discussion on characteristics of a report. Record ideas. Students record ideas on Venn diagram. Students will highlight any unfamiliar text, and the group will discuss strategies to find the meaning of the word. 2. Table activity- groups will rotate through an activity that allows them to look at two more examples of photo essays. They will complete a workshop that requires them to give input into the effectiveness of the photo essays and the components found in a photo essay.
 1. Will work with the struggling readers in a guided group. 2. Using a combination of visuals, partner discussion, guided practice, group work and independent work to reach different learning styles.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Students will present what they think makes an effective report based on their study of various styles. 2. Students will create a photo essay.
 1. Students will write a reflections on their findings to present at the beginning of class the following day.
Teacher Reflections:

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