Lesson Plan : Big Ideas!!!

Teacher Name:
 N. Hyacienth
 Grade 2
 Literature Activities

 Using the resource Big Bad Wolf is Good by , students will explore the Big Idea, concept of Stereotyping
 Vocabulary to be introduced in the before reading stage are: -noble, deed, assistance, chanted, fussed, howled
 To develop the ability to identify Big Ideas in narratives, using the strongest evidence from the text and make connections. The ultimate goal is to enrich understanding and develop critical thinking skills.
 Using the success criteria developed with the students earlier, student responses will be informally assessed
 -Book: Big Bad Wolf is Bad -Sentence starters on chart paper -Success Criteria anchor chart for open-response questions. -Students will need: Sticky note(s) and pencil
 Day 1: Students will be introduced to the 'kid friendly' definition of stereotyping and examples from my life. They will have an opportunity to orally discuss their own examples/connections Day 2: New vocabulary will be discussed. The first reading of the book will take place on this day. Before reading, students will make predictions based on the title and cover. Day 3: Second reading of the story. After this session, students will have the opportunity to discuss and write the Big Idea of the story using supporting evidence from the text.
 In groups of 3 or 4, students will first discuss what is the Big Idea and the supporting evidence and connections. Once they are confident in their response, they will write their answers and then present.
Checking For Understanding:
 During the presentations, we will evaluate collectively how effectively each response meets the success criteria and areas for improvement.
Teacher Reflections:

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