Lesson Plan : Narrative Essay

Teacher Name:
 S. Howell
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Rainbow Writing
 5-Paragraph Essays Key Vocabulary: Narrative,floating,veterinarian
 The students will orally present a 5-Paragraph essay based on the Rainbow Writing method.
 -The students will create 3 basic ideas using a web or some other form of outline. -The students will organize their thoughts and develop and introduction, body, and conclusion. -The students will write at least two rough drafts, and one final copy of their essay. -The students will deliver their essay to an audience of peers and adults.
 -Rainbow Writing example -Three different colored markers -Dictionary -Thesaurus -Video camera
 The students will take turns reading the example Rainbow Writing essays out loud with the teacher.
 -The teacher will ask the students to identify the 3 ideas of the essay. -The students will identify where the ideas fall in each paragraph. -Partners will be chosen.
 -The students will be guided by the teacher to use their markers to highlight each idea a specific color. -The students will be guided by the teacher to highlight each paragraph with its corresponding color. -The class will discuss the layout of the essay.
 -Predetermined partners based on ability level and/or behavioral performance. -Dictionaries -Thesauruses
Checking For Understanding:
 -During guided practice, the teacher will circulate and read the materials the pupils are writing. -Have each group perform peer editing.
 Each student will present a dress rehearsal of their presentation with feedback from the teacher and/or peers.
 The students will turn in their final essay copy to the teacher for grading.(60%) The students will deliver their oral presentation to the class (30%) The students will behave as a respectful audience (10%)
Teacher Reflections:
 I feel this was an awesome lesson. The students responded well to the Rainbow Writing Method and quickly developed 3 ideas. Thesaurus and dictionary usage will need to be maintained. Oral Presentations were good for the first ones, but delivery definitely needs guidance.

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