Lesson Plan : Lesson Plan for Letter c

Teacher Name:
 Shawn Wint-Carter
 Language Arts

 Initial Letter c
 Letter c is the third letter of the alphabet and makes a special sound when heard at the beginning of these words: carrot, can, cup, cover, candle, card, cake, cat, cart, cut, camel, cauliflower, carpenter etc.
 Students will be able to identify the sound of initial letter c.
 At the end of the lesson, Pupils will be able to: 1. Make the sound of initial letter c. 2. Produce words that begins with letter c. 3. Write sentences and complete a variety of activites base on the letter c.
 word cards, picture cards, sentence strips, work sheets, story, CD, smart board
 Pupils will listen to the story 'The enormous carrot' being shown from the smart board.(5 mins) Pupils will respond to questions based on the story (4 mins)
 Pupils will identify the vegetable in the story and say the word at least 3 times. Pupils will give the sound heard at the beginning of the word carrot. They will think of other words that has the same initial sound. These words will be written on flashcards. (10 mins)
 Pupils will clap one time if the word spoken by the teacher starts with the c sound and refrain from clapping if it doesn't. pupils will tell their favorite c word and in pairs write a sentence on a sentence strip.(10 mins)
 Pupils will be working according to their performance level. Low performers will be paired with high performers when writing sentences. Low and middle performers will be pulled out during individual time and sort objects, trace letter c and paste pictures that begin with the c sound in the picture of the cup.
Checking For Understanding:
 Pupils will be questioned during individual work to assess progress. pupils will do a journal entry at the end of the day by drawing letter c pictures and writing at least one sentence.
 Pupils will return as a whole group and sing the song' I know the sound of the letter c'. Pupils will tell what they learned from the lesson by sharing key words with their classmates.
 Pupils will be assessed via smart board. Individually they will sort and match the picture to the correct initial letter.
Teacher Reflections:

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