Lesson Plan : Writing a Research Paper Unit

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Christopher
 Grade 4
 Language Arts

 Writing a Research Paper note taking techniques.
 Note taking techniques to be used in the completion of a research paper.
 TLW discover how to take concise notes by reading a biography of Amelia Earhart and filling out index cards.
 The students will learn how to take notes from a source without plegarizing and how to paraphraze information by using index cards.
 Computer, paper, graphic organizer, index cards, reference books, doll cut-out, and fabric.
 Today we are going to discover what it is like to be an historian. Who knows what an historian does? How does an historian find the information they want to write about? How does an historian gather information and putting the information into their own words?
 What are some topics we could research if we were an Historian? What does plegerism mean? For example, Amelia Earhart was a famous woman in history. Here is an article about Amelia Earhart, let's read it together.
 Guided: I (teacher)will read over this biorgraphy of Amelia Earhart once through. While I am reading write down on your 5x7 index card notes from this article in your own words. Pay close attention to your writing size, and try to paraphrase the ideas your are hearing and only list very specific key pieces of information.
 Students with reading/comprehension difficulties will work in a group setting with the volunteer in the classroom. They may work cooperatively while taking notes.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students will turn in their two versions of notes from the article submission so any instruction for the next lesson on note taking techniques and paraphrasing can be discussed.
 We have learned so many great techniques today about how to gather information from a source and condense it in our own words for preparation for a research paper.
 Reviewing the two sets of note cards for content and paraphrasing I will be able to adjust future lessons to address any issues discovered during the assessment.
Teacher Reflections:

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