Lesson Plan : Hamlet Act IV Scene 1-3

Teacher Name:
 Marie Flores
 Grade 11-12
 Literature Activities

 Hamlet Act IV Scene i-iii
 Reading Hamlet and answering discussion questions.
 Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Drama.
  Students understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of drama and provide evidence from text to support their understanding.
 The discussion questions and Hamlet book.
 Start with warm-up which is write down the quote of the day. Pre Reading Activities: Activate Background Knowledge/Build Background: Working in groups (maximum 3 students), the students will read an informational text passage about the life of William Shakespeare and create a Q-chart. They will share their questions and answers with the class.
 Vocabulary Instruction: The students will read a summary of Hamlet adapted to their reading level and will skim the passage for unknown words. Working in pairs, the students will select at least 5 words they learned share them with the class. The teacher will model the activity by choosing one of the new words and cresting a semantic map. The class will select the 10 most important words and each pair will be assigned a two words for which they will create a semantic map on a study card. The semantic map will include: What the word means, examples and non examples, as well as pronunciation, synonums, anotonuyms related words and a sentence. After the students have completed their semantic maps they will share them with the class. Tell them that we are going to read Hamlet. Give out reading assignments to the students (who reads what) and explain to them about the discussion questions.
 Have them read out loud the play.The as a class answer the questions by discussing.
 For the pre- and post-assessment cross out one answer choice. That way he only has 3 answers to choose from instead of 4.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask students if they understand and if they have any questions.
 An exit slip. They have to tell me what they think will happen next in Hamlet.
 Post-assessment over what they have learned so far in Hamlet.
Teacher Reflections:

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