Lesson Plan : Letters and Sounds; M & O

Teacher Name:
 Coburn and Eldridge
 Language Arts

 Morning Literacy Centers Unit 5
 Letter identification for M & O Sound identification for /M/ & short-/O/
 Students will learn the letters M & O. Students will learn the sounds for /M/ and short-/O/ (i.e. mop & octopus). Students will learn how to write the letters M & O (upper and lower case). Students will learn words that begin with /M/ & short-/O/ sounds (i.e. mop & octopus).
 Students will identify the letters M and O. Students will identify the sounds for /M/ and short-/O/. Students will match upper and lower case M & O. Students will write upper and lower case M & O. Students will analyze words that either begin with /M/ or short-/O/. Students will create words beginning with /M/ & short-/O/.
 Beginning Sounds audio game and opaque chips Dry Erase boards and markers Wiki Sticks & M & O letter cards Stencils and blank paper StarFall computer game set to letters M & O
 Read story "Mama is a Llama" during morning story
 Model each center's activities and review behavior expectations
 Teacher-Led centers: Beginning Sounds audio game Wiki Sticks & M & O letter cards
 Students requiring differentiated instruction will receive extra support and modeling (all ability levels) Students requiring fine-motor support will trace pre-made stenciled letters and pre-written letters and words on paper and/or dry erase board; will have the option of tracing wiki boards with finger or opaque chips en lu of manipulating wiki sticks.
Checking For Understanding:
 Student will orally or physically identify the letters M & O Student will legibly produce the sound /M/ & short-/O/ Student will correctly complete computer game activities (i.e. matching lower and upper case letters) with 75% mastery based on print out results Student will correctly identify words beginning with /M/ & short-/O/ with minimum of 75% mastery
 Return class to circle for "Do You Know the Muffin Man" song and reading of the story of "Ollie" (review of /M/ and short-/O/
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