Lesson Plan : Adjectives Using Poetry

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 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Adjectives Poetry: lyrical
 Language Arts NM Standards: Strand I: Reading Process, 1: Interpret text by exploring elements of mood and style; 5: Vocabulary development. Strand II: Reading Analysis, 8: Identify and explain main idea, setting in poetry. Strand III: Expressive Writing, 4: Proficiency with writing conventions, grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation. 5. Students compose their own written work to express their individual perspectives.
 Students will identify adjectives: What is an adjective? Will be able to correctly identify adjectives in sentences; will correctly use and identify adjectives in lyric poetry. Students will follow directions to make book to display original poem.
 Students will write an original lyrical poem using adjectives and descriptive language. The poem will be displayed in original book.
 Overhead. Construction paper, scissors.
 Distribute note cards to students. Ask them to write down 5 adjectives. Ask for examples to write on board. Ask them what is an adjective? "Snow Angels" poem on overhead. Underline the adjectives.
 Discuss meaning of adjective. What were the adjectives in the poem. Read "Snow Toward Evening" aloud. Ask students what poem is about. What descriptive words did poet use? What was the poem about?
 Write own poem. Use form poem (on overhead)about the bear. Read the poem and identify all the adjectives. Brainstorm another poem together using the form. Try making a poem using adjectives starting with same letter.
 Circulate helping slow starting students. Give directions for making "POOF" book. Have students do one step at time. IF not enough time, poems can be copied into their "Circle" books and illustrated.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask for volunteers to read aloud their poems. Ask students to identify the adjectives. What is it describing?
 What is an adjective?
 Were they able to write a lyrical poem? Was their use of adjectives correct? Did they use the form poem or one of their own?
Teacher Reflections:

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