Lesson Plan : Children's Dental Hygiene

Teacher Name:
 Darlene Khalil
 PE and Health

 Building community capacity by developing children's dental hygiene skills (tooth brushing ) with the aid of their parents
 At the end of the lesson children will be able to identify the various foods that will affect their teeth negatively and those that will have a positive effect. At the end of the lesson children will also have a better understanding of how and why we brush our teeth.
 Children are to be able to identify foods that make "Teeth happy " and those that make "teeth sad". Children will demonstrate the motion of tooth brushing.
 25 Children's tote bags ) toothbrush, flosh, worksheets) Parent information board of Children's Dental Health 2 paper bags : Happy teeth vs. Sad teeth Pictures of various foods Poster with Toothbrush Song Pictures to aid in presentation with children Parent resources : How to brush and floss teeth A Parent’s Guide: Healthy teeth for Children Birth to 6 years Nutrition Matters: Healthy Teeth for Children Healthy Teeth for Baby’s, Toddlers and Preschoolers, Tooth Brushing Tips for parents and caregivers
 Ask Children : What did you do this morning when you woke up? (Keep asking until "brushed my teeth is an answer given) Do you know why we brush our teeth? Ask them : Do you know how many teeth you will all have soon? (answer is 20) Introduce the idea that adults have 32!
 With the use of pictures introduce why we brush our teeth, and when we should brush them. Demonstrate , the proper way to brush teeth with the patents.
 Sing "Got my toothpaste" song with children. Adults, and children all do the motions of the song.
Checking For Understanding:
 Complete Activity : Happy tooth vs Sad Tooth - show them pictures of various foods and drinks. Children s must be able to identify if the food goes into the happy teeth bag (healthy foods) or sad teeth bag ( non-nutritious, high sugar foods).
 Distribute Care packages to children and caregivers and inform them of the Calendar inside the bag that can help them keep track of when they brush their teeth
 Children should be able to identify the foods that will affect their health and those that will help their teeth stay health.
Teacher Reflections:

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