Lesson Plan : Hats off with At

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Rhodes
 Language Arts

 At Words
 At, Bat, Brat, Cat, Chat, Fat, Flat, Gnat, Hat, Mat, Pat, Rat, Sat, Slat, Spat, Tat, That, and Vat
 The learner will develop and apply enabling strategies and skills to read and write.
 Develop phonemic awareness and knowledge of alphabetic principle: demonstrate understanding that the sequence of letters in the written word represents the sequence of sounds in the spoken word. Read or begin to read: read or attempt to read own dictated story. attempt to read/reads simple patterned text, decodable text, and/or predictable texts using letter-sound knowledge and pictures to construct meaning.
 Old McVowel Had A Farm Poster, Hats off to At Powerpoint, Fat Cat on a Mat by Phil Roxbee Cox and Stephen Cartwright, internet, and In My Hat Booklet.
 Say the sounds of the vowel A, E, I, O, and U. Then sing Old McVowel Had A Farm. While singing, show the poster. If poster is too small for students, then show the words on the powerpoint.
 Read Fat Cat on a Mat by Phil Roxbee Cox and Stephen Cartwright. Show the students the poem on powerpoint.
 Show the students Zac the Rat from starfall.com through Learn to Read. Then have students to write a poem.
 Show Sesame Street Video from powerpoint or sesamestreet.org on At It with the Bongos. Have students to draw a picture with their poem.
Checking For Understanding:
 Give students At Flower worksheet for homework. Go over directions in class. Show them an example.
 Have student to read their poem in class.
 Can the students name some at words?
Teacher Reflections:
 Do I change, stay the same or repeat using different methods?

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