Lesson Plan : Letter and Sound of Mm

Teacher Name:
 Kristy McGovern
 Language Arts

 Letter and Sound of Mm
 Letter Mn, sound and words that start with letter Mm.
 Know the sound letter Mm makes, be able to tell and identify words that start with letter Mm.
 The student will recognize the letter Mm. The student will tell the sound letter Mm makes. The student will name words that begin with Mm.
 Smartboard, cd player, markers, song board, paper, pencil, crayons
 I will have the smartboard set on starfall. The students will listen to the opening on the letter Mm. The sound of Mm and words that begin with the Mm sound. Students will then listen to the Alpha Friends song "Mimi Mouse".
 The teacher will read the words that have the letter Mm sound and have the students repeat after her. Incorrect words will be said so students can hear the correct Mm sound.
 The students will perform motions and sing the song "Mimi Mouse". After singing the song the teacher will demonstrate circling of the letter Mm on the song board. Students will be called radomly to come up to the song board to circle the uppercase M and lowercase m.
 Center 1- higher level students will be asked to also try and write the name of the pictures they circle Center 3- higher level students will be asked to draw and write the name of the picture with the letter Mm sound on their own.
Checking For Understanding:
 Student will raise thier folder when finished. Teachers will check work. Graded with 1/2/3. If the student needs asssistance with completion of the task teacher will help. Students will get a 3 for showing understandin by being able to tell what the letter is, make the sound and tell what the items are that begin with the sound/letter Mm.
 Students will be asked what letter sound we are working on- coral response Students will be asked to tell words they learned that have the Mm sound.- individual responses Students will be able to do sound vortex on smartboard- non sounding words go into "not Mm", sounding Mm words go into the "m" sound side.
 Each week i will build onto their current knowledge. They will be asked to differentiate the sounds of various letters we have done. Final testing will be on their Literacy assessment.
Teacher Reflections:
 I think the students loved the lesson. They were all involved in the activities. They love the motions and singing the songs. They love the smartboard and being able to go up and manipulate the objects.

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