Lesson Plan : Subjects vs. Predicates

Teacher Name:
 F. Hunt
 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 Recognizing subjects and predicates of a sentence Creating sentences with subjects and predicates
 Subject of a sentence Predicate Verbs Nouns Punctuation
 Locate the whole subject and whole predicate when reading sentences Write complete sentences while circling the subject and underlining the whole predicate twice
 TLWD knowledge of subjects and predicates by localizing the whole subject and the complete predicate in sentences. They will be able to realize that most of the time the verb will begin the predicate. Students will also be able to create sentences their own sentences.
 Smart Board, sentence strips for creating sentences, envelopes with sentences in them, cut up, to create sentences out of the words in the envelopes
 My attention grabber for the students would sentences on the smart board that have the predicate first, and the subject second. Example: Eats ice-cream for dinner my mom. Students will recognize how funny that sounds.
 I will take the slide from above and hold it for later. The next slide will have sentences written the correct way. I will ask the students what makes these sentences different than the others I put up. I will put a sentence up and ask who or what is being talked about in the sentence. That is called the subject. What the subjects is doing is called the predicate and usually begins with a verb. I will then review verbs for those that need a recap.
 I will do the first sentence for them. I will read the sentence and locate the subject. Once I locate the subject, I will underline it once, then I will find the verb and circle it. Then I will underline the whole prdeicate twice. Students will then come up to the smart baord and do the same thing. Each student will have the oppurtunity to come up @ least once.
 Students will only do the odd numbers, which will end up being 4 problems from the board. They will then get one of the envelopes. They will only choose an envelope marked with a 1-5 number. These sentences are beginner sentences. I will assist those that need assistance forming a sentence
Checking For Understanding:
 After papers are turned in, give students an envelope they have not completed to determine if they formed sentences correctly. I will also have a few sentences on the smart board. Students will determine if the subject and predicates are marked correctly for each sentence by giving me a thumbs up, or thumbs down.
 Review today's key points. Make sure to review that all sentence will have a subject and predicate. The subject tells who or what and the predicate tells what the who or what is doing.
 I will measure the students progress by looking at the assignment they did in class that day.
Teacher Reflections:
 After I teach the lesson, I will look at what worked and did not work well for my students. I will have to determine if the whole lesson will be taught or just reviewed the next day.

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