Lesson Plan : Olagbegi's Etymology

Teacher Name:
 Terrell Olagbegi
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Etymology & Vocabulary
 This course will teach prefixes, suffixes, root words, and grammar of different languages relative to English.
 To produce a higher understanding and mastery of the English language and its words.
 Students will: - Have a 30%-70% higher comprehension/literacy rate - be better readers - be better spellers - perform better on standardized tests in the area of writing - perform better on standardized tests in the area of Language Arts - be better writers - be better speakers
 - (3)English Dictionaries - a Spanish-English Dictionary - a French-English Dictionary - a German-English Dictionary - an Italian-English Dictionary - a Latin-English Dictionary - a Greek-English Dictionary - Crossword puzzles - literature; 30 of the highest prescribed novels(20 English, 10 in other languages) - Course Specific work books - Course Specific text book
 A brief etymology of English.
 Presentation of English words, broken down into the root and suffix (prefix if it applies). This is to demonstrate how words in the English language are made.
 Various activities which expose new prefixes, suffixes, and root words and build a working word bank.
Checking For Understanding:
 Through tests, quizzes, graded assignments such as journals,speeches, and homework.
 Students will close each semester with a 2 part comprehensive final exam; including: multiple choice questions, reading comprehension, and a speech/writing assignment.
 The first day of class there will be an exam to gauge where students are. They will NOT be graded on performance but WILL be graded for effort (if they complete all questions they get credit, for every question they don't complete they are penalized). Progress will be measured by a progressive grading curve which will start at 50% and go up gradually until the end of the semester.
Teacher Reflections:
 Progress should be logged every 6 weeks as to how effective the lesson plan is; Students grades should show a gradual improvement over the course of the semester. If performance does not improve overall during the course of the semester, then statistics should be logged and revision of the lesson plan considered. Revision will ONLY take place after 3 years of decreasing results in the same general area.

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