Lesson Plan : Making Inferences and Conclusions

Teacher Name:
 Stephanie Oskar
 Grade 3
 Literature Activities

 Making Inferences based on the Text
 inferences, drawing conclusions, using the text
 Students will make inferences based on the text that they have read. They will look to see what the most likely outcome would be.
 Students will use the text to make inferences. They will be able to explain why they are choosing answers.
 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Novel, Worksheet with inference questions, smartboard, white boards
 Teacher will read aloud chapter 1 to students.
 Teacher will explain that we make inferences all the time. when mom hold up her finger while she is on the phone, you know that...(sr) you have to wait and stop bugging her. That is making inference. It is knowing how a person feels based on how they are acting. They don't have to say it, you are just able to figure it out.
 Teacher will ask why questions on why Peter feel a certain way while reading the chapter aloud to the class.
 Teacher will read with troubled readers. She then will pull a group to the back in order to reteach using the novel and asking lots of why questions.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will read chapter 2 with a partner. They then will complete questions that have to do with inferencing. How did Mr. and Mrs. Yarby feel when Fudge put stickers all over their suitcase? Why do you think this? Use examples from the text. Write down the page number. How does Peter feel as the Yarby's give him his present? Why do you think this? Use examples from the text. Write down the page number.
 Explain to your partner what an inference is and how to figure out how a person feels.
 Teacher will evaluate by calling on students to answer the questions from the closure.
Teacher Reflections:

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