Lesson Plan : Drop Everything And Read

Teacher Name:
 Grade 4
 Language Arts

 Classroom Procedures- rituals and routines, Pre testing, Main ideas and Details, Essay Development, Mechanics, Usage, Verb Usage
 G.E.D 1- Reading G.E.D 1- Writing Key Vocabulary- main idea, homonyms, nouns/verbs
 * Students will Drop everything and read or write ( to include journal writing) *Students will apply vocabulary enrichment using word of the day, spelling bees and writing activities for application * Students will use select reading materials in the content areas of literature and social studies * Students will identify the main ideas and relevant details in a passage * Students will be able to use correct mechanics and usage in a written and oral format * Students will be able develop a complete and accuraate structured essay * Students will become aware of classroom policy and rituals and routines * Students will become aware of personal strengths and weakness and modify them through I.S.P.
 *Students will implement classroom policy and rituals daily * Students will identify and define main idea and identify relevant details of reading passages * Students will be introduced to the mechanics of writing and will practice specific mechanic skills such as capitalization, commas,homonyms and using apostrophes * Students will be introduced to the Usage of writing focusing on verb structures
 Paper, Pens/Pencils, Reading/Writing/ Social Studies Workbooks, Maps/globes, chart paper, markers/crayons, newspapers, magazines, articles, internet, select handouts
 * Students will complete a warm up activity as a review of prvious lesson/topic *Teacher will activate students prior knowledge on topic or lesson for the day- What do we already know? what do we want to know? What have we learned? (KWL-Chart) * Teacher will introduce the lesson and skill that will be the focus ie; Main ideas and Details, Essay Development, Mechanics, Usage, Verb Usage
 * Teacher will expand on students prior knowledge with "questioning" and explain the vocabulary of the topic/lesson by using examples and visuals * teacher will encourage students to particpate in skill building and oral sharing of thoughts and ideas
 * whole group instruction will continue with "popcorn reading" done by students focusing on the directions Teacher will work with small groups on reinforcing the skill- Main ideas and Details, Essay Development, Mechanics, Usage, Verb Usage
 *Students will have additional time on select assignments * Students will utilize the support work in their I.S.P. folders * Students will practice being timed on select assignments
Checking For Understanding:
 * A review of the daily lesson or topic will reviewed throughout the period * Students will apply questions and answers throughout the lesson * Worksheet/handouts will be reviwed as well as pre/post test * Teacher will implement the "walk around" method to ensure students are on task and comprehending the material
 * Students will retell the days objectives and lesson topic orally in their own words * Students will have a a brief reiew of vocbulary worksheets or handouts * Students will also engage in questions/concerns and answer about the lesson/topic * Students will receive homework on lessons/topics that need more explanation
 * Students will be evaluated informally through class participation, group and independent work, homework, pre/post test * Students will use academic games- Scategories,Taboo, Catch Phrase, Mad Gab & others to reinforce reading and writing skills
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