Lesson Plan : Caption Writing

Teacher Name:
 J. Smithok
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

 Caption writing using comic strips and an enrichment activity of writing captions for wolves in their natural environment.
 Caption-writing for comic strips requires application of prior-taught skills of using clues from pictures, from a character's words or actions and from situations to make inferences for setting, characters and the problem. The students must apply these skills to write captions for mostly wordless pictures.
 By applying the inferencing skills needed to write captions, the students will raise their reading comprehension level and will remediate or enrich their sentence writing skills depending on the extent to which they use descriptive language and correct puntuation for quotations.
 The students will receive increased responsibililty for using inferencing skills to write correctly constructed captions for comic strip frames and photographs of wolves in their natural environment.
 1) Mutts comic strip 2) Baby Blues comic strip 3) Photographs of wolves 4) SmartBoard with document camera 5) Six "Post-It" notes for each student 6) Baby Blues comic on large paper 7) One index card per student 8) "Please stop by!" signs 9) Flower display reference tools for quotation vocabulary words 10) "Words I Use When I Write" individualized dictionaries
 The students will vote on the SmartBoard as follows: All comic strips will most likely have... a)the same number of frames b)talking bubbles c)thinking bubbles d)hand-drawn pictures
 The students will view a "Mutts" comic strip with three frames on the smartboard using the document camera. They will review use of pictures as most important source in comic strips to infer setting, characters and the problem. The teacher will "think-aloud" her method to write a caption for the first frame.
 The students will turn to partner in a "Think-Share-Pair" model to think of a caption for the second frame. A student will write it on the board. The students will write a caption for the third frame on the index card. Group leaders will collect the cards. The teacher will write on of the captions on the board.
 Students who finish early will circle words possibly misspelled, color the comic strip or work on writing captions for photographs of wolves to address non-fiction science content.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students will use "Please Stop By!" signs to signal need for assistance as teacher circulates around the classroom to monitor understanding of the directions and the quality of the students' sentences.
 Repeat "Think-Share-Pair" of favorite caption completed. A few students share answers with the class. "Think-Share-Pair" is repeated to answer, "What skill practiced today will help us with our reading?"
 1) Index card for each student for "Mutts" caption 2) Student/teacher conferences 3) The students will finish and correct their captions in a follow-up lesson. Both the "Post-Its" and the edited sentences for "Baby Blues" will be evaluated. 4) Challenge work of wolf photghaph captions
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