Lesson Plan : Sticks and Stones

Teacher Name:
 Angela Haynes
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 The power of words
 Character building
 At the conclusion of this lesson, students will understand the power their words have on other classmates. They will show tolerance for differences and will select wisely their words when they are "joking" around with friends.
 TLW: Understand the power of words Show tolerance of differences
 Two coffee cans decorated; 1 bag of rocks; 1 bag of plastic flowers; story written about a typical day in someone's life
 Have students write down the conversation they last had. It could be a conversation they had with a friend or with their parents. Listen to the song "Make a Wave" and tell what the main idea of the song is.
 Read the story aloud about the typical day in a person's life. Ask student to infer if the person had a good or a bad day and why.
 Read the story again, but this time, have one student drop a rock in the coffee can when something bad happened to the character and another student drop a flower in the coffee can when something good happened to the character. Infer again if the character had a good or bad day? Why? Count the number of rocks and flowers in the cans. (The point of the exercise is so show that the "bad" things (the rocks) have a longer lasting impression. Most kids will say the character had a bad day even though there were more "good" things that happened.
 Write a rap about why it's important to be positive with people. Rewrite the story making all negative things positive things.
Checking For Understanding:
 Read paragraph from students; listen to discussion about their written conversations and analysis of this conversation.
 Ticket out the door: Write one thing you are going to do to be more positive in your interactions with people.
 Watch classroom/group interactions for signs of positive interaction. Comment on such positive interactions.
Teacher Reflections:

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