Lesson Plan : Sequencing Through Song

Teacher Name:
 Kathleen Van Zuylen
 Literature Activities

 Sequencing and Logic
 Students will review Halloween vocabulary and will learn the sequence and step by step process of making a Jack-O-Lantern
 1.Students will learn Jack-O-Lantern song through repetition 2. To learn the concept of sequencing and step by step processes 3. To identify the sequence of making a Jack-O-Lantern
 1. Students will work collaboratively together to create the sequence of Jack-O-Lanterns 2. Students will learn key concepts through asking questions and working together 3. Will apply knowledge gained from experience - working together to create the sequence
 1. Finger Frolic book by Liz Cromwell, Dixie Hibner and John Faitel 2.Chart Paper 3. Construction Paper 4. Sequence cards for each Jack O Lantern sequence step for each group Glue
 To introduce the topic of Jack-O-Lanterns and to review the Halloween vocabulary i will read them a Halloween story called Scary, Scary Halloween.
 I will teach the students the poem called "I am Jolly Jack-O-Lantern" and the actions that follow. The poem goes through the steps of how a Jack-O-Lantern is made so it fits perfectly in with sequencing. I will demonstrate by reading the poem first and then the students will learn and follow through repetition.
 The students will work together as a class using the sequence cards to put them into the proper order of making a Jack-O-Lantern. I will than split the students into small groups.
Checking For Understanding:
 Walk around the different groups to make sure that everyone is on task and working together and provide feedback or help if needed.
 Check each groups work at the end of the lesson to make sure all the cards are in the proper order
Teacher Reflections:
 Overall i thought the lesson went well the students seemed to enjoy the story and the song. If i was to repeat the lesson i would maybe teach the song a few days before so the students have time to practice it each day as it took quite awhile to learn and took up a lot of time. The sequencing went well and the students were able to successfully put the cards in the correct order.

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