Lesson Plan : Fun With Sentences

Teacher Name:
 Elizabeth McClelland
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

 Teaching students to work together as a group to help make sentences
 Students will be given a word by teacher and have an opportunity to put words together to make sentences as a class.
 #1-encourage children to use vocabulary while learning how words fit together to make sentences #2- allow children to interact with other classmates while learning #3- help children understand words and how they come together
 #1- encourage movement #2- increase vocabulary #3- to inform about words and using them in a sentence
 words on paper that stick to teachers board, a board the words will stick on, space to walk around
 explain to children the sentence activity,and what class is about to do.
 teacher will show students how to make a short sentence using their given words and why the sentence makes sense
 allow students to do a few alone and ask questions to the classroom to see if the class understands why or why not the sentence is correct
 Some students may need more time than others.
Checking For Understanding:
 check sentences during independent work to make sure students understand the sentences they are writing and why they make sense.
 allow students to finish up sentences and share them if they want and after everyone has finished have them help put materials away.
 children did get better at writing and putting sentences together as they helped more. Activity took about 30 minutes to do
Teacher Reflections:
 this activity was fun for the children they did get frustrated at times but with a little help the children understood the concept. Divergent Question: #1- What do you enjoy most about writing and working together on sentences? #2- Are there things you would like to work on having to do with your words?

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