Lesson Plan : Learning letters and sounds

Teacher Name:
 Elizabeth McClelland
 Grade 1
 Language Arts

 Learning sounds of letters with pictures and textures
 Children will have a worksheet with pictures on it and teacher can help students identify the letters, sounds, and textures that go with pictures students will be able to get up and move around and also be able to help others
 #1- to help children identify object by photo #2- to help children learn and recall the letters and sounds of picture #3- to start writing the letters
 #1- to expand vocabulary #2- to help children understand sounds of the letters
 worksheets, pencils, space, the items on the worksheet pictures
 teacher will get materials out for children to see and introduce activity and let them feel object and let them touch and feel texture of object
 teacher will touch object explaining the letter and the sound and how object feels to help children receive better understanding
 allow time for children to see objects and touch them while identifying them on worksheet
 children with special needs or need help getting to objects, objects can be brung to them and other children may help
Checking For Understanding:
  ask questions to see if children understand what they are touching and seeing. explain what oject is and what it does or where it comes from and also emphasize letter and sound of object(the process of touching and knowing texture helps with the sensory part of learning the name of object and letter of object)
 allow students to help put away objects and ask questions while doing so Divergent Question: 1.Which object did you like the most? 2.Which letter did you like learning about the most?
 children seem to recall what the object and letter was after feeling and exploring with object
Teacher Reflections:
 I enjoyed doing this activity with children because they enjoyed moving around and helping others, but the activity could have been more focused on sound of letter that object started with although students grasped the idea it could have been better

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