Lesson Plan : How to build a Burger

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 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Reading and Writing
 Topic Sentence, Main idea, Supporting details and facts, paragraph, summarize
 Reading: Comprehension and Analysis of Grade Level Appropriate Text 2.5 Distinguish the main idea and supporting details in expository text. Writing: Organization and Focus 1.1 Create a single paragraph: a. Develop a Topic Sentence b. Include simple supporting facts and details
 -Identify the main idea of an expository text -Identify three supporting details from the expository text -Summarize the expository text using the main idea and three supporting details in one paragraph
 Magnet Hamburger visual aid, labels: Main Idea, Supporting Details.
 With the burger visual aid on the whiteboard, explain that the main idea is like a hamburger. Ask for items that students like on a burger and equate them to supporting details. Noting that "the details on the burger give it its flavor".
 Using our hamburger model, we now use an example of What is my favorite pizza? Asking student for ideas and drawing it on the board. Then using a graphic organizer,with titles of "Main Idea" and "Supporting Details", with students suggestion we fill it in on the board with details to go with the main idea.
 Students are given a page with 3 small paragraphs of expository text and a graphic organizer at the bottom to fill out to match the story. As a guided activity, the teacher directs the class in finding the main idea and supporting details.
 Differentiated instruction: Using Kegans Cooperative Groups, SDAIE strategies are used to support EL, and Resources Students with special needs . (visuals, peer tutoring in groups,
Checking For Understanding:
 As a whole group, we go over the pages together to make sure all under stand how this is accomplished.
 Today we used our hamburger model to learn that a story will have main idea and details to be complete ( and good to eat). "Tomorrow, we will be making our own hamburger to show us how to write a "delicious" hamburger."
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