Lesson Plan : Using Inferences

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Munroe
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Aim: How can we determine the nature of the relationship between T-Ray and Lily using Inferences?
 Literary Devices: Inferences
 Students should be able to: Define Inference Use prior knowledge to connect to the text Provide one example of infrence from the text as well as from prior knowledge.
 Notebook Pen Secret Life of Bees
 Explain to students that inferences are logical guesses that we make, based on what we know of peoples' behavior and our own experiences. Explain that they will make inferences about T-Ray and Lily's relationship, based on what they already know along with clues from their behavior.
 Inferences are logical guesses, based on clues, about what is not said. In social situations these clues can be behavior. For example, if someone smiles and laughs we infer that they are happy, maybe happy with us. Teacher uses facial expression and body language to demonstrate sadness. Then asks students to guess what Teacher is feeling. Teacher explains how sadness was inferred. In literature we have to infer based upon what we have read. If you read that Alexandra through her books on the ground, kicked them and screamed at the top of her lungs; we can infer that she was upset and angry about something.
 Teacher reads a paragraph from the Secret Life of Bees about Lily and Zach with the purple honey. Teacher asks student to write 2 sentences about what can be inferred. Students share responses.
 Write two paragraphs describing the realtionship between T-Ray and Lily. Do they have a good or bad relationship. Why or why not?
Checking For Understanding:
 Students share their letters.
 Teacher summarizes the students' findings and elaborates on the negative relationship between the characters.
 Student's ability to use accurate quotes in their letters and their ability to derive the correct corresponding inference is a measure of comprehension of Inference and thus objectives have been met.
Teacher Reflections:

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