Lesson Plan : Getting to Know Mr. Groundhog

Teacher Name:
 J. Beattie
 Language Arts

 Groundhog Day Book: "Go to Sleep, Groundhog!" by Judy Cox (fiction)
 Students will be exposed to such concepts as a) animals that hibernate in winter (Science 4 NYS Standard) b) positional words: under/over/on (Math 3 NYS Standard) c) US holidays through the calendar year (Social Studies 1 NYS Standard) Vocabulary: hibernate, superstitions, shadow, burrow
 a) to attend to a fictional story about a US holiday (Groundhog Day) b) to identify two animals from the text that hibernate in winter (bear, groundhog) c) to identify positional words over, under, on from pictures in the text.
 a) Students will look at/listen to teacher as she reads the story. b) Students will touch pictures with maximal assistance in the text of animals that hibernate
 book, puppets: witch; turkey; santa; groundhog; bells; timer; calendar
 a) introduce groundhog puppet and say we are going to read a story about Groundhog's Day, Feb. 2nd. b) sing a short song "The Groundhog's Shadow" (Mailbox magazine, Feb. 2009 isssue) with groundhog puppet to introduce concepts of hibernation, shadows, superstitins
 a) Use puppets during the reading of the story
 a) Encourage students to hold puppets, bells during the story
 a) Group 1: Students will use eye-gaze, switches to make a response. b) Group 2: Students will manipulate objects for response. c) Group 3: Students will allow materials to be presented to them for touch response (tactile defensiveness).
Checking For Understanding:
 ELA 1: students will attend to a fictional story for information about a topic (teacher observation) Sci 4: students will participate in identifying hibernating animals (teacher observation) Math 3: students will participate in identifying positional words under/over/on (student work) Soc.St 1: students will particiapte in identifying US holidays throughout the calendar year (teacher observation)
 a) At the end of the week, students will re-tell the story in a skit form using puppets. Maximal assistance and assistive devices. b) Students will choose if it is FACT or OPINION: Can groundhogs predict the weather (ELA 1 NYS Standard)
Teacher Reflections:

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