Lesson Plan : Writing a letter

Teacher Name:
 Christina Poff
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Writing a letter
 Proper heading, Poper format, correct vocabulary, Correct grammer
 Students will know the proper way to address and format a letter. Students will also learn valuable group skills, and how to ask there peers for help and guidence as well as using the teacher for a reference. Students will also learn proper note taking skills.
 To teach students the proper way to address an envelope and format a letter, and to practice there group and writing skills.
 Paper, pencil, envelopes, projector, and stamps.
 The focus will be on proper format as well as spelling and grammer.
 Students will be given instruction over the overhead as to what is expected in there letter and on proper format. Students will then model and seek advice of there peers a group.
 * Students will write a letter to variously assigned stores asking for donations for a homeless shelter Day one: Students will copy notes from the overhead while the teacher gives the lectior. The notes will include how to address an envelope. The students will put into groups and then be asked to write out exactly what they are going to put on the envelope, on a piece of paper. Once this is done the student will then ask there peers to review there paper. If any mistakes are found the student will rewrite it. Once this is completed the teacher will collect the papers to be graded. Day two: Students will copy notes from the overhead on the different parts of a letter: heading, greeting, body, complimentary close, and signature line. Students will be put back into there groups and asked to write the greeting part of there letter. They will do this in groups so that they can brainstorm and colaberatly come up with there greeting. The greetings will be turned in for grading and review. Day 3: The students will go back to their groups and the greetings will be given back to the students. The students will then make any corrections necessary to the greeting. They will then turn the greeting back in. Students will then start on the body of there letter. Day 4: Students will return to there groups and finish the body of there letter. They will also be given back their greeting for final review. The students will turn in both the greeting and the body of there letter. Day 5: Students will jbe given back both the body and the the greeting for there letter. They will then correct the body of there letter. Once this is done students will rewrite there letter including the heading, complimentary close, and signature line. These will be turned in for a final grade.
 The students who need extra instuction will have notes, the teacher, and there groups for clarification. If more help is needed by the student full examples of letters will be given to the student.
Checking For Understanding:
 Understanding will be evaluated when the students turn in each phase of there work and correct it as well as the test they will take at the completion of the letter writing skills workshop.
Teacher Reflections:

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