Lesson Plan : Working With Adjectives

Teacher Name:
 Dustin Connors
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Identifying and Using Adjectives
 The students will broaden their knowledge about adjectives through using them to describe both objects and music.
 The student will: 1. write down adjectives to describe objects in a bag. 2. report to the class the adjectives they used. 3. write down adjectives that describe the music they listen to. 4. share their adjectives with the class. 5. match adjectives with their synonyms.
 Pen, paper, cd player, paper bags, various objects (orange, onion, dryer sheet, granola bar, balloon).
 Students will be asked what an adjective is, and how good adjectives improve mediocre sentences.
 After a short discussion, students will be introduced a group activity involving the five stations that have been placed around the room. Station 1: They will feel and smell various objects in a bag, and record adjectives that describe the objects. Station 2: They will will read sentences and be asked to identify adjectives in various sentenes and record their answers. Station 3: They must match adjectives with their synonyms, revealing a hidden puzzle. Station 4: They will listen to music and list adjectives describing the music they're listening to. Station 5: They will read sentences and replace underlined adjectives with more descriptive words. I will model each before they are asked to begin. They will be given approximately 2 minutes at each station to complete the tasks given.
 As students go from station to station, I will move around the room guiding and monitoring their activity; keeping them on task and making sure they are completing the tasks correctly.
 Two writing extensions will be given. One will ask for a descriptive poem to be completed using as many adjectives as possible. The second will be a narrative in which students are encouraged to describe their setting as thoroughly as possible.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students' handouts will be collected and graded along with their writing assignments. Their effort and understanding will be informally assessed as they move from station to station.
 Together as a class, we will share answers to the sentences they were asked to improve. Students will come to the front of the room to complete the sentences.
Teacher Reflections:

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