Lesson Plan : Be a Good Leader

Teacher Name:
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 -Focused skills: Speaking, writing, and listening -Discussion about how to be a good leader -Short composition about what characteristics a good leader should have -Key word: Visionary,Inspirational,Strategic,Tactical,Focused,Persuasive,Likeable, humor, Open to feedback, fairness, truth, professionalism
 -Students will understand what are expected characteristics of a good leader -Students will comprehend video vlip on target topic -Students will engage in group discussion
 -Students will be able to discuss features of effective leaders with group members -Students will be able to present ideal class-leader's characteristics -Students will be able to complete cross-word puzzle.
 Computer, BIM Projector, Level differentiated hand-outs, Board.
 -To write some words related to leader characteristics on the board -To have students watch the first video clip about Guss Hiddink, the former soccer coach of Korea, and Korean soccer in last World Cup in 2002. -To have students watch and listen carefully the second video clip about Kennedy and Obama. -To ask students to remember the last World Cup and think about what did Hiddink's leadership contribute to Korean soccer, and to ask students to think about what are common features the people share as leaders. All clips can be found on Youtube or School tube.
 -To show a completed outcome as a modeling that students are required to do describing some leaderships of Korean president Lee Myung-Bak -To put students into groups of 5 -To ask groups to choose one public feature that shows good leadership.
 -To have groups discuss about the given task -To have one person of each group note down what they are talking about -To move around the class and monitor what learners are doing -To have one person of each group present their outcome
 -To give 3 level-adapted tasks to students(beginner, intermediate, and advanced) -To have advanced learners to write about what kind of leader they want to be -To have intermediate learners to fill in blanks in a worksheet that consists of sentence-level composition -To have beginner learners to complete word-finding hand-outs.
Checking For Understanding:
 -To write right answer on the board and let students self-check their worksheets -To have students question and answer with peer.
 -To talk about freely how the class was and what was difficult with whole class -To give homework to make 3 sentences about ineffective leaderships -To let learners to know they can send e-mail to the teacher if they have some difficulties in learning or doing homework
 -To do whole-class quiz consists of 3 questions.
Teacher Reflections:
 -To prepare the next class and do self-monitor how s/he did in the class

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