Lesson Plan : Friendly letter writing/asking ?'s

Teacher Name:
 Tricia Koning
 Grade 4
 Language Arts

 specific expectations
 -students will understand the components that make up a friendly letter -students will learn how to share their personal information and ask questions to gather information -student will write a friendly letter using Kidspiration software -students will compose a letter to their e-pal asking questions appropriate to the questions they want answered -students will e-mail their rough draft to teacher for review
 -chart paper and markers -computer lab -student project folders
 -review the critical literacy project with students -tell students that we are going to learn how to write a letter to their e-pals -reinforce the concept that the purpose of writing a friendly letter is to share some information about themselves and to ask questions in order to learn about their e-pal
 -using chart paper and markers, outline the key components that students need to include when they are writing a friendly letter i.e. date, greeting, body, closing,signature -remind students that one of the primary purposes of writing to their e-pals is to gather information to use during their slide show presentation -model a letter on chart paper brainstorm different possible greetings, closings etc with students -discuss appropriate and inappropriate information to share with e-pal i.e. not address, etc -using Smartboard show students how to get to the friendly letter template on Kispiration -demonstrate how the Kidspiration software works i.e its cues, where to fill in the information
 -each student works on the computer lab writing their letter using Kidspiration software -circulate and monitor student progress -students e-mail to teacher for review
 -Kidspiration software provides written, visual and auditory cues to help students use the friendly letter tool
Checking For Understanding:
 -teacher will review first drafts of letter for proper form and to make sure it shares appropriate information and asks the necessary questions
 -print a copy of the letter for the stuents project folder -students will receive a response back from e-pal
 How does it tie into culminating task?
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