Lesson Plan : Christmas - "Naughty or Nice List"

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Tzivanis
 Grade 1
 Literature Activities

 After reading "The Elf on the Shelf," sharing a class discussion, and making meaning of the story through a visual represenation (illustration), students will be able to express their thoughts through an illustration and understand and respect different interpretation of things.
 Paper, crayons, markers
 Teacher explains to students that they are going to read "The Elf on the Shelf." Teacher places stugged animal elf on the shelf and explains that the elf is going to be watching them throughout the story and the rest of the day to make sure everyone is behaving. Explain how the elf will report to santa who is being "naughty or nice." Explain to students to listen because they are going to draw a picture of what the story means to them at the end.
 Teacher draws her interpretation of the story and shows the class. Explains to students that they should draw what the story means to them, rather than their favorite part.
 For students who cannot remember the story, give them a brief overview. If they still struggle, have them draw a picture of what christmas means to them.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher walks around and make sure everyone is creating a visual represenation of what the story means to them. Have one person from each table share their illustration in front of the class. Allow time at the end for any others who would like to share their illustration.
 Discuss with students how everyone has their own personal connection to the story. What it means to me vs. what it means to you is going to be different and that's okay.
Teacher Reflections:

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