Lesson Plan : Subjunctivo

Teacher Name:
 Mariana Morris
 Language Arts

 The uses of the Spanish subjunctive. Using New Vocabulary Concepts: Present Indicative, subjunctive, infinitive. Skills: grammar and use of vocabulary
 1) The students will learn to differentiate the use of subjunctive vs. indicative. 2) The will practice conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in the subjunctive 3) they will learn the different expressions used with the subjunctive 4) they will develop some vocabulary
 To foster cooperative learning as well as independent practice. To address questions that will surface during the course of the exercises that I will provide.
 Hand outs with a glossary (cheat-sheet) lists of verbs to conjugate in the subjunctive (exercises) Hand out: Simple sentences using the subjunctive. The sentences are provided for them so as to familiarize the students with sentence structure and use of the subjunctive before moving on to "clausulas nominativas".
 saludos pedir la tarea una ronda corta de preguntas en espanol para que los estudiantes se integren a la clase.
 Explanation of the differences between subjunctive and indicative, two sentences. Verb conjugation in teams Handouts in group completing sentences.
 In the handouts, the sample sentences are provided so as to familiarize the students with sentence structure and use of the subjunctive.
 During the independent practice portion of the class, and the group activities I walk around the room answering individual questions. This allows me to go back to basic concepts with those who are behind without holding back those who have a quick grasp of the concept. In the conversation circle I ask specific questions to random students, answering back and explaining sometimes in English what's being said to prevent those students who are shy from feeling shut out.
Checking For Understanding:
 I check for understanding by walking around as the students perform individual activities. I make note of the most common gaps in understanding and address them on the board for all students to hear/see.
 I will summarize the concept in a quick way and assign work that will reinforce the material reviewed in class.
 I will measure progress by conducting a quiz the next day so as to identify areas that need reinforcement before moving on to the next level: Subjuntivo en clausulas nominativas
Teacher Reflections:
 I have trouble getting the students to feel confident about their speaking skills. Most of them understand what I say, but besides two or three extroverted students in this class, the rest are very shy. Aside from the areas in which you consider that I need improvement, I would like to get feedback/suggestions on how to engage with difficult classes. In other words, I would like to learn how to engage those students who are introverted and to not rely on those who are extroverted as much as I do. This semester has been a learning experience: In the past I had classes that were largely extroverted. This semester the opposite is true. I would like to learn to create classroom dynamics that integrate students in a comfortable way.

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