Lesson Plan : Prefix Spin

Teacher Name:
 Stephanie Parke
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 This lesson will focus on vocabulary building and increased knowledge of prefix usage.
 Kids will revisit usage of prefixes -il,-im,-ir,and -in using a prefix word sound and prefix spin game.
 Kids will address the acquisition of vocabulary standard which encompasses Students ability to acquire vocabulary through exposure to language-rich situations, such as reading books and other texts and conversing with adults and peers. They use context clues, as well as direct explanations provided by others, to gain new words. They learn to apply word analysis skills to build and extend their own vocabulary. As students progress through the grades, they become more proficient in use of words (origins, parts, relationships, meanings) to acquire specialized vocabulary that aids comprehension. students will be addressing benchmarks D and E. These benchmarks encompass the Use knowledge of symbols,acronyms, word origins and derivations to determine the meanings of unknown words and the use of knowledge of roots and affixes to determine the meanings of complex words. During this lesson students will also address the SU6 grade level indicator. This indicator encompasses the application of knowledge of prefixes, suffixes and roots and their various inflections to analyze the meanings of words. Student will also make use of the reading strategy of reciprocal teaching during this lesson. Students will act as teachers as they complete the words sorts and prefix spin games.
 Kids will complete a word sort building words using the prefixes -il,-im,-ir and -in along with a prefix spin game. Students will acquire new vocabulary and knowledge of prefixes by completing lesson activities
 Word sort cards for student word sort activity (one set per student) Game materials for prefix spin game(game spinner with prefixes on it and base word cards for each group) word study notebooks
 I will begin this lesson by having the students complete a word sort building words using the prefixes -il,-im,-ir and -in. I will monitor student comprehension of the word sort activity.
 I will further develop student understanding of prefix usage and new vocabulary by discussing the words built from the word sorts with the class.
 I will then distribute the game pieces for the prefix spin game. I will have each student chose a base word card and spin the spinner,the student will assess whether or not a viable word can be made with the base word and prefix presented. If the player cannot make a word then the next player spins for a different prefix until a word can be made.
 if student seem to be struggling with the prefixes or new vocabulary I will have a class discussion regarding vocabulary meaning and prefix usage.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will gather the class groups back together for a brief question and answer session regarding acquired knowledge of new vocabulary and prefixes.
 I will assess student understanding of lesson concepts by assisting with the word sort activities and assessing student comfort level with new vocabulary built during the word sort and the prefix spin game.
Teacher Reflections:

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