Lesson Plan : You Know You Want to Do It My Way

Teacher Name:
 Crys Haney
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Writing a Persuasive Essay
 5 paragraph persuasive essay
 TLW clearly state his/her side in a persuasive manner.
 TLW brainstorm, prepare, and draft a written essay. TLW understand the persuasive essay. TLW use the key components of a written essay.
 paper/pencil, Powerpoint, copy of the guided notes, writing prompt for each student, graphic organizer for planning
 Quick 5: (student is to write in response) You are driving home from school with your mom/guardian when you realize that you are starving hungry. You are passing your favorite fast food restaurant in just a few minutes. How are you going to convince you mom to pull in and buy you a snack? * When the kids are finished explain that many of them probably used persuasion to get mom to stop and let them have a quick snack before dinner.
 Using the PowerPoint give guided notes on Persuasive writing. Model writing a short 5 paragraph essay on a topic that is decided by the class. (Use different colors/fonts for each paragraph)
 Hand out the planning graphic organizer to each student, and the writing prompt. Do you think that middle schools should have school uniforms? Write a letter to the school board convincing them to keep or get rid of the school uniforms at Ramsey Street. Monitor/help students as they complete the prewriting graphic organizer and get ready to write.
 Students will be given extended time based on their IEPs. Some students are allowed to type rather than hand-write.
Checking For Understanding:
 Papers will be graded using the NC writing assessment rubric. Students will conference with the teacher during DEAR time, and be able to revise their paper for additional points on their grade.
 We all want things, and we all devise ways of getting what we want. For extra credit - write 15 lines telling the story of a time that you were able to convince someone to give you what you wanted.
 Students will follow the writing process to write persuasive essays. Their essays will show growth from previously collected work (and when compared to other writing tests).
Teacher Reflections:
 Students would like to be able to pick the topic. This would be a way to add choice and ownership into the lesson.

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