Lesson Plan : Sturdy Paragraphs

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Allanson
 Grade 4
 Language Arts

 Proper paragraph writing
 3.B.2b Establish central idea, organization, elaboration and unity in relation to purpose and audience.
 The students will formulate a six sentence paragraph with a main idea, four supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.
 1. "Meeting Writing Standards: Expository Writing" by Robert Summers 2. Paragraph Perfection Worksheet #2 3. Paragraph Perfection Worksheet #1 4. Paragraph graphic organizer 5. Writing materials (pencils, paper)
 1. "A good paragraph is like a big comfortable chair. The Cushion and seat back is the main idea or topic sentence. The four legs are the four supporting sentences. Finally the floor below is the conclusion." 2. "Can a chair stand very well on two legs? NO What about three? MAYBE but it will probably not be very stable. You need all four legs for the chair to be perfectly sturdy." 3. The same goes for the sentences in a paragraph. You will not be able to get the full explanation across if you limit yourself to three sentences total with one supporting sentence. 4. Today I am going to give you the tools you need to put together some strong, sturdy paragraphs.
 1. On the board write a flow chart depicting: the main idea, four supporting sentences, and conclusion. 2. With the class choose a topic to write about. (ex. dolphins) 3. Model a topic sentence. (Dolphins are my favorite sea animals.) 4. Ask for four things that describe your topic. (smart, mammals, echo location, agile) 5. Develop four supporting sentences based on the things that describe the topic. 6. Formulate a conclusion and explain how it is meant to wrap up what you just said.
 1. Handout a pre-written paragraph worksheet. (paragraph perfection worksheet #2) 2. In small groups have them rewrite the main idea, conclusion, and supporting sentences. Cross out the sentences that do not belong. 3. Bring the class back together to go over the correct flow of the paragraph.
 1. To assist some students I will give them worksheet #1. 2. On that worksheet, there is a variety of sentences that form a full paragraph. 3. The student will be tasked with rewriting the paragraph in the correct order, underlining the main idea, supporting sentences, and conclusion.
Checking For Understanding:
 1.The students will share either the graphic organizer or if time allows, the full paragraph aloud.
 1. If time runs short and the students are unable to complete the full assignment before class ends I will simply check their graphic organizers. They are required to complete those before class is over. 2. I will check to make sure that they have all four supporting sentence bubbles filled out with what their ideas.
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