Lesson Plan : Julius

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Allison
 Language Arts

 We will be learning about characters in the book Julius. Vocabulary: granddaddy, sharing, protect, crate, scary, sneaked
 Students will be able to identify the characters in the story Julius, as well as the setting and sequence of events. Students will also be able to classify the similarities and differences between the characters in the story.
 1.03 The learner will examine diverse family structures around the world. 3.01 Te learner will observe and describe how individuals and families grow and change. 1.02 The learner will observe how animals interact with their surroundings. 1.05 The learner will observe the similarities of himans to other animals including; basic needs, growth and change, movement. 1.01 The learner will develop mnumber sense for whole numbers through 30: read and write numbers.
 Book: Julius Chart 5a and 5b CD's Worksheet
 I will begin the lesson by asking the students the following question: How do people and animals work and play together? I will ask them to raise their hands as they have an answer. We will discuss this and I will write thier answers on the board. We will then talk about our amazing words for the week using our chart to point out illustrations of these words. I will give different students the opportunity to point out the pictures. After we have talked about these words we will sing Granddaddy, Oh, Granddaddy. We will then listen to some jazz music so the students can become familiar with some music that the people in the story may listen to, to help build their background knowledge. Before we begin the story I will talk with the students about animals they may like to play with and what they would do with these animals. I will then display the cover of the book and have them tell what they think the story will be about. We will then read Julius.
 After reading Julius we will use the board to talk about who the characters were in the story, where the story took place, and the sequence of events that took place in the story. The students have learned these things previously so I will use this to determine if they have been able to remember and recall what each of these are. I will ask the following questions to prompt: What do Julius and Maya do together? What do Maya's paretns think about Julius at first? How did everyone feel about Julius at the end of the story?
 We will then complete a character web for Maya and Julius together on the board.
 At this time there is no differentiated instruction needed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each student will share their illustrations and tell why they liked this character the best.
 To close our lesson we will review the characters in Julius.
 At the end of the week when we finish the unit the students will be given an assessment on their understanding of character.
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