Lesson Plan : Plaidypus Lost

Teacher Name:
 Megan Allison
 Language Arts

 Vocabulary: Lost, Found, market, groceries, plaidypus
 After this lesson the students should be able to recall the sequence of the story "Plaidypus Lost". They should also know what sequence means when asked about it in any story. The students will review character and setting.
 To learn the skill sequence.
 Audio cd, big book, worksheet
 Mrs. Allison began the lesson by asking her students if they could tell her of something they had lost and then found. She took questions from some of the students and then moved on to the vocabulary part of the story. She introduced each word and talked about its meaning with the class.
 Mrs. Allison talked with the class about the word sequence and what it means in relation to a story. The students seemed to understand the concept and she reviewed it with a story they had read the previous week called "Fix-It Duck".
 After the story was over Mrs. Allison recalled the story with the class and wrote First, Next and Last on the board. She had different students raise their hands to tell her what happened during different parts of the story.
 There were no accommodations needed for this lesson.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of the lesson Mrs. Allison reviewed what sequence meant and discussed the characters of the story and the setting which were things they had previously studied.
 Mrs. Allison closed the lesson by asking the students to always think about the sequence of a story when they are reading as well as the characters and setting. She told them that these things would help them learn more from the story.
 The worksheet that the students did was used to chart their progress and understanding. Mrs. Allison said their would be a test on Friday for sequence.
Teacher Reflections:
 Mrs. Allison said that she felt like the lesson went really well. She said that it is hard for kindergartners to learn the word sequence but they learn the meaning of it and can usually tell you that it means the things that happen first, next and last in a story.

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