Lesson Plan : Vocabulary Comprehension Strategy

Teacher Name:
 Karen Miller
 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 After initial introduction of ten new vocabulary words, students will use this activity to broaden their understanding of how these words are used in sentences.
 Students will comprehend vocabulary word meanings.
 1. Students will recognize assigned vocabulary words during listening exercise. 2. Students will understand meaning of vocabulary words as the words are used in stories read out loud to students.
 List of vocabulary words, vocabulary workbooks and short stories containing vocabulary words.
 Teacher will read various short stories containing three or fewer vocabulary words each out loud to students. Students will raise their hands when a vocabulary word is recognized.
 Teacher will demonstrate exercise by reading outloud one sentence that contains a vocabulary word and signaling recognition of word with a raised hand.
 Teacher will provide opportunity for student to practice by reading sentence containing vocabulary word and allowing all students to raise their hands upon hearing vocabulary word.
 Children who are not auditory learners may exhibit some inhibitions, but will be able to participate by learning from other classmates when the word was used and signaling with raised hand along with others. Child will also receive reinforcement of vocabulary words at the end of story.
Checking For Understanding:
 After exercise is complete, students will complete corresponding workbook page matching definitions to vocabulary words. This will demonstrate students' understanding of new words.
 Student should experience increased familiarity with new vocabulary words through the exercise, thereby, increasing their confidence in their ability to complete written assignment more easily.
 Students will exhibit 80% correctness on vocabulary workbook pages.
Teacher Reflections:

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