Lesson Plan : Comparing and Contrasting With A Venn Diagram

Teacher Name:
 Kathleen Hayden
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Comparing/Contrasting Review Introducing use of Venn diagram
 The children will understand and identify the difference between comparing and contrasting, and how to apply those terms by using the Venn diagram. The children will explain their process for identifying the contrast and comparing.
 The children will first review the terminology comparing and contrasting by doing a workbook sheet pg. 29 together and check. They will view the Venn diagram from the overhead. Using a copy of that same diagram sheet,they will use their notes from the story "Tree House" and the text to compare and contrast the characters tree houses. Using their Venn diagram sheet, they will work in group to produce the characters tree houses and bridge. They will present their group work and put the houses together with the bridge.
 Reading notebooks, workbook pg. 29, transparency- Venn diagram, diagram sheets for the children, drawing paper.
 Use review- then introduce the Venn diagram
 Check workbook page 29 with the children Demonstrate with example Venn diagram ex. apples, oranges, both fruit.
 Discuss the characters' tree houses Look at text for differences and how they are the same Write a few examples in the diagram on the overhead.
 Work with Nick, Hitaty, Kyle, Michael, Kate- go over instructions again with them and help them find examples in the text.
Checking For Understanding:
 Check the students diagrams Divide into groups to: Draw the houses and trees and bridges Discuss behavior in groups
 Each group will explain their drawing and why they choose certain items The children will put the tree houses together with the bridge.
Teacher Reflections:

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