Lesson Plan : Writing Process

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 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Writing Process (1-2 days)
 Building good writing habits. Understanding the writing process Process in Action Focus on the traits.
 The student's will...... *demonstrate an understanding of the five steps in the writing process. *learn the six traits of effective writing.
 Write Source pgs 9-12 Notes hand out.
 "Bell Work: Take out your sensory chart. In your writer's notebook, Title today's entry with the name of the subject you chose for you sensory chart. (Be sure to date the entry with today's date) Using the sensory chart you filled out for homework,write a short paragraph that describes your person, place or thing. The paragraph must be 2-3 sentences long and must include one word from each column of your sensory chart. Please underline the words you used from your sensory chart. **why is the sensory chart helpful when writing about a topic? What stage of the writing process would this be?
 1.Read pg 9 aloud. Reassure students: they may already intuituively follow these steps when they write; they may have followed these steps in other classes using different lables for the steps; they will be given detailed info about the steps and be given many opportunities to practice each step. Stress that all writers struggle with different parts of the writing process at one time or another. (Ms. B has trouble with pre-writing, which sometimes makes a paper much harder to write and take a long period of time.) ******practice #1 2.Students read aloud pgs 10-11 3. Explain that along with writing process, they must also focus on the 6 traits of writing. Have students turn to page 40. Read 6 traits aloud. Have students return to page 12. Reassure students that they should not get overwhelmed; writing process is followed correctly, the 6 traits will be addressed. ****Have students copy info into notes hand out.
 1. Analyze and process. Students answer on notes hand out.
 Read the bulleted info for each step and pause to invite students' comments and questions based on their experience with the process.
Checking For Understanding:
 Try it! *** have students answer try it in notes hand out.
 Ask for responses from Try it exercise. Have students vote for the easiest and hardest trait to work with.
Teacher Reflections:

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