Lesson Plan : Inferring

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Terrell
 Grade 1
 Language Arts

 Key Vocabulary: The Key vocabulary will be built from unknown words in the text as this is a lesson on "Inferring" the meaning of unknown words.
 Goals/Standards: Comprehension and Analysis of Grade-Level Appropriate Text 2.2 Respond to who,what,when,where,and how questions 2.4 Use context to resolve ambiguities about word and sentence meanings. 2.5 Confirm predictions about what will happen next in a text by identifying key words 2.6 Relate prior knowledge to textual information Written and Oral English Language Conventions: 1.2 Write and speak in complete, coherent sentences.
 Students will be able to determine meanings of unknown words by using their schema,paying attention to textual and picture clues, re-reading, and engaging in conversations with others
 Teacher generated chart "What can you do to help yourself figure out the meaning of an unknown word?" Book titled: "Where Are You Going Manyoni?" By Catherine Stock. Additional book titled "The Royal Bee" by Frances and Ginger Park. Pencil and crayons.
 Starting with the newspaper, I will read headlines to the class and ask them what a particular word my mean. Using pictures and context clues we will resolve the meaning of the word, transitioning to our text "Where Are You Going Manyoni?"
 On the first day, teacher will read aloud the first few pages, thinking aloud about the meaning of words like baobab,limpopo,and bushpig. Teacher will model how to infer by re-reading (i.e."Hmmm Baobab tree? What kind of tree is that?)Using textual clues and pictures the meaning of unknown words may be inferred.
 Students will record their thinking (Inferring) on the chart "What can you do to help yourself figure out the meaning of an unknown word." {As the book is read to them}
 Small group instruction for those students identified as not being able to complete the task without one-on-one assistance.
Checking For Understanding:
 Asking students how to go about finding the meaning of unknown words. Teacher may ask "Think a minute about what you saw and heard me do to infer the meaning of words" Possible replies: * re-reading * paying attention to the words * Looking closely at the pictures * Taking my time * Asking a partner
 Asking students to resolve the meaning of "One" word on their chart (At home) that they were not able to conclude the meaning of in class.
 Class participation,completion of "What can you do to help yourself figure out the meaning of an unknown word?" chart.
Teacher Reflections:
 Note: This area to be completed after the lesson.

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