Lesson Plan : Compound Words

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Carla Overbey
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

 Compound words
 compound words
 NYSLS ELA 1 Information and Understanding ELA 4 Social Interaction
 1.) Students will be able to define compound words. 2.) Students will be able to identify compound words. 3.) Students will be able to write sentences using compound words.
 Workbooks, index cards with compound words written on them in red and blue, sentence strips, markers
 Write sentence on the board and underline compound word. Ask students to tell you what they notice about the underlined word. Tell students that this word is a "compound word"- a word made of two smaller words.
 Tell students that we can determine the meaning of a compound word by breaking it into two smaller words. Ask students what words they see in "waterfall". What does each word mean? Model defining "waterfall". Write another compound word on the board and ask students to help define it the way we did with "waterfall".
 Students will practice creating compound words by using index cards that have one word on each. Students will match two words -one red and one blue- to form a new compound word. After I have checked their matchings they will write one sentence, using the new compound word, on a sentence strip. Students, when complete, will come back to the table and share their words and sentences.
 Studnets index cards will be assigned to them based on reading ability and sight word recognition. Students with stronger writing skills will create their own compound word and use that in a sentence. Students with weaker writing skills will use one of the index card pairs to create their sentence.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will observe/ monitor students as they work on their sentences and index cards. I will collect workbooks.
 Students will volunteer defining 'compound words". I will ask students to tell me how they would determine the definition of a compound word. Students will give one example of a compound word.
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