Lesson Plan : Connecting Sounds with Letters

Teacher Name:
 Janet Erlinger
 Language Arts

 Phonics and Phonemic Awareness
  The Letter 'b' and the sounds it makes which creates words, naming familiar things in our environment.
 The Learner Will (TLW; 1) Associate the Letter 'B' with the spoken sound of 'ba' 2) Be able to selcet pictures of items which begin with the letter 'B'
 The Objective is to meet State Standards; 1) Strand 1 Concept 2 - Phonemic Awareness P.O. 1 Identify initial sounds of a spoken word. 2) Strand 1 Concept 3 - Phonics P.O. 1 Identify letters of the written alphabet
 Book: Martin, B (1983) Brown Bear, Brown Bear. New York: Holt A marker and large display chart to write on. For each student: Die cut Letter B , Construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, crayons, Magazines
 I will gather the students in the reading area. I will have the book on my lap as I ask if anyone knows what sound the letter B makes.Some may know. I will then hold up the book and ask what they see. (there are brown bears on the cover)I will explain that they will all get to hear the story and then make a poster of things they see which begin with the letter B.
 Pointing to the first letter B in the title of the book, I will ask someone to tell me what that letter is.Have all the students say "B - ba" and have anyone who name starts with that sound raise their hand. Have the students listen for the B sounds as you read the book.
 Each student will come to the chart and write the letter 'B' and state a word that starts with the 'B' sound. I will complete the word for them.
 For the ELL I will provide picture clues to aid them in success. Pictures with the words below them allow a student who is unfamiliar with the sounds to see the letter and learn the B sound associated with the letter and picture.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will show some pictures and ask the students if I have a B picture. I will also write words on the board and have them tell me which are "ba" beginning words.
 We will discuss the letter 'B' and the sound it makes. Reviewing the posters each student made will reinforce the sound and word with something the student can see.
 The student should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the connection between the letter 'B' and the sound it makes with pictures of things that start with the letter 'B'.
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson is great for early learners of English and reading. It is effective with ELL, English only speakers as well as students with cognitive disabilities. Hands on materials really seem to cement the lesson.

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