Lesson Plan : Comprehending Recipes

Teacher Name:
 Wendy Carlson
 Grade 4
 Literature Activities

 Reading, sequencing, and comprehending recipes.
 Recipe cards with grade level reading skills.
 The learner will be able to correctly sequence steps in a recipe, and use information to answer comprehension questions.
 The learner's will have 80% or higher time on task, and limited verbal outbursts.
 Chalkboard, overhead, worksheet, teacher made smile card, whole punch, recipe cards,sequence graphic organizers completed and blank, and glue.
 Teacher will display recipe for making smores on overhead projector. The learner's will read recipe aloud with teacher. The learner's will construct smores following the recipe.
 The learner's will use information from smores recipe on overhead to verbally answer teacher asked questions. Teacher will complete sequencing graphic organizer written on chalkboard using learner's responses.
 Given a recipe card and a completed graphic organizer, The learner's will use a red marker to indicate whether the events are in the correct sequence.
 The learner will glue cards with information preprinted on them into correct sequence block on graphic organizer.
Checking For Understanding:
 Given a recipe card, the learner's will select correct answer to comprehension questions on a worksheet.
 Teacher will discuss the sequences written on graphic organizer for making smores. The teacher will ask the learner a verbal comprehension question on making smores as the learner leaves class, and hole punch smile card if correct answer given.
 The learner's performance on comprehension questions on worksheet. Performance should be at 80% or higher. Student involvement and time on task will also be indicators of student progress.
Teacher Reflections:

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