Lesson Plan : Reading & Understanding a Story

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Kristine B. Roxas
 Grade 6
 Literature Activities

 Reading and Understanding the story, "Shrewd Todie and Lyzer the Miser"
 Reading and Comprehension Skills Vocabulary Discussion of Literary Concepts: Humor, Plot and Characters Writing Assignment
 To be able to read the story, "Shrewd Todie and Lyzer the Miser" (Effective Communicators) To widen the vocabulary of the students (Effetive Communicators) To discuss the literary concepts: Humor, Plot and Characters and parallel them to daily life situations (Responsible Members of the Community & Committed Christians) To be able to write and make "judgments" (Creative Critical Thinkers))
 Students should be able to read and understand the story through a "Vocal Reading". Students should be able to learn new words to add in their vocabulary through "Word Obstacles". Students should be able to understand the concept of Humor, identify Plot and identify and infer characters. Students should be able to write effectively. *EXTRA - If there will be time, students will be asked to "make their song" as the villagers created a song in the story. They will use the lines of the song in the story and put melody in it by creating their own or patterning the melody from a popular song.
 1. Literature Book 2. Assigned Roles in paper - to be given out to students before reading the story. Students are encouraged to volunteer and be creative in giving life to the character through their voice. 3. A sheet of paper - Students will be asked to prepare a sheet of paper for their "Word Obstacles".
 1. Teacher will ask students to bring out their Literature Book and turn it to page 319. 2. Teacher will ask students to do the Personal Connection by letting students identify the words, "Shrewd" and "Miser", according to their denotation and synonyms. 3. Teacher will encourage students to be creative in using their voice when assigned to a role. 4. Review students on proper behavior when reading a story (audience and reader). 5. Review students on "Word Obstacle" graph.
 1. Teacher will show a sample graph for identifying the words, shrewd and miser. 2. Teacher may sample different voices for a character in the story. 3. Students may ask questions for clarification.
 1. Students may volunteer to start the reading. 2. Students should be ready for any "Word Obstacle" they might encounter in the story. 3. Teacher will facilitate "shifting of vocal reading" page after page.
 1. Students will learn how to read and communicate effectively. 2. Students will learn new words to add to their vocabulary. 3. Students will learn literary concepts such as Plot, Humor and Characters.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Reading and Comprehension skills are tested during discussion. - They will be asked how humor and plot helped in making the story fun and interesting. - They will be asked how to infer the characters.
 1. "Vocal Reading" - Students will be asked how was it experimenting on different voices for the characters? Students will be asked how was it listening to the readers? was it effective in understanding the story better? 2. Discussion on Literary Concepts 3. Assignment - Word Obstacles and Writing Activity
 1. Teacher will remind students of their assignment. This assignment will be part of tomorrow's discussion.
Teacher Reflections:
 1. Were the students creative and confident enough in the "Vocal Reading"? 2. Were the readers able to do their word obstacles? 3. Were they able to understand and appreciate the story more by doing this activity?

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