Lesson Plan : Writing to Teach

Teacher Name:
 Katelyn Runyan-Gless
 Language Arts

 Students will write about what they are "specialists" in to teach their audience what they know.
 English Language Arts
 Students will write a three page paper on a topic of their choice. They will use writing and drawing to express their knowledge.
 Write or use illustrations to inform. Use knowledge of letter sound correlation (phonetic spelling) when writing. Use a variety of words in early forms of writing, dictation or illustrations to express complete thoughts. Share written work with classmates.
 Writing paper, pencils, crayons
 We are going to write our very own non-fiction books so that we can teach other people things that we know!
 The authors who wrote about Cesar Chavez last week taught us so many things we didn't know before. They are Cesar Chavez specialists, and I bet they know a lot more things that they didn't get to tell us because it's too much to put in just one book. Those authors might need 4 books just to tell us everything they know. But, just like those authors we are specialists in things too, and that's what we are going to write about today. I want you to get your brains ready to think about what you will write about (here I will remind all the students what they said they were going to write about). First, we are going to write a book together so that you know what I'm looking for.
 I was think that we know a lot about dinosaurs because we studied them in December,I was hoping that you would all help me write a book about dinosaurs.
 Students will be allowed to choose the topic they write about (Hannah Montana is acceptable).
Checking For Understanding:
 How many pages are we writing? What are you writing about? Can you give me a 3 finger re-tell?
 Each student will be graded based on the rubric.
Teacher Reflections:

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