Lesson Plan : Idioms

Teacher Name:
 Mr. David Freedland
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Idioms are an everpresent part of our lives. We encounter idioms in school,in the media and in everyday life. In order to be successful in school and in our careers we must become very familiar with this particular type of figurative language.
 figurative language, literal vs. figurative meaning, idioms
 Students will be able to: Figure out the meaning of common idioms. Create their own idioms. Create illustrations that help others determine idiom meaning.
 Students will be able to figure out the meaning of common idioms with an 80% accuracy by the end of the lesson.
 poster paper, markers, paper, pencils, teacher created handouts
 Teacher will ask students to recall idioms that they are already familiar with. Teacher will show students pictures of idioms. Students will have to figure out the meaning behind these pictures.
 Teacher will write two common idioms on the whiteboard. Next, the teacher will ask the students to write down the meaning of the idioms. Students will be asked to share their ideas about the true meaning of these idioms.
 Students will work individually to write down as many idioms as they can think of in 3 minutes. Next, students will write down the meaning of the idioms that they have created. Finally, students while working in groups of 6 students will get together and share their favorite idioms. Finally, students will draw posters illustrating their favorite idioms.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will have an informal quiz on 10 commom idioms. Students will have to write the "true" meaning of the idioms.
 The teacher will ask the following questions: What are idioms? Why do we have idioms? Where are you likely to see idioms? How is learning idioms necessary and beneficial? What can students do to improve their understanding of idioms?
 Students will have a comprehensive assessment at the end of the week. The assessment will have 15 commonly used idioms. Students will have to change idioms to their literal meaning or write the common idiom that relates to the literal meaning.
Teacher Reflections:

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