Lesson Plan : Christmas is coming!

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 Jaemi Shin

 Christmas gifts
 This lesson is basically for listening skills, but some oral, reading, and writing skills are integrated to the lesson. The target students are young adults in Korea, and they demonstrate a high-intermediate level of English proficiency. They will listen to the conversation about Christmas gifts between the father and two children. There are activities for vocabulary, dictation, comprehension check, and discussion.
 Students will identify vocabulary and understand the conversation between the father and two children.
 1. Students will identify vocabulary in the conversation. 2. Students will listen to the conversation, and based on that information complete dictaion activity and solve comprehension check questions. 3. Students will communicate with other students in regards to their own plans for Christmas and the gifts the they want.
 1. Computers with Windows media Player 2. Speakers 3. Vocabulary preview and discussion question on the hand outs
 As pre-activities, ask questions to the students such as "What's your favorite holiday? or " In your opinion, what's the biggest day in December?" to make them predict the topic of the lesson. After that, provide a handout which includes vocabulary which is from the conversation. The vocabulary is offered in a sentence which is meaningful. A teacher and students talk about the meaning and usage of the vocabulary.
 The students listens to the conversation at this stage. At first, they listen to the conversation with their eyes closed. Tell students try to get the general idea of the material.
 This time, each student goes to . A teacher plays the audio file again, and the students do 'Text Completion Quiz' which is a dictation activity.
Checking For Understanding:
 There are two activities for the comprehension check. First one is 'Listening Exercises' on the webpage. The students answer questions individually, and compare their answers with their partner. Next activity is 'Sentence and Vocabulary Matching' on the third part of the webpage. The students in pair complete this activity. Finally, a teacher and the students go over the answers together.
 As a post-activity, a teacher provides students with an opportinity to discuss and express their thoughts. In a small group of three to four students, the students talk about their own plans for Christmas and the gifts the they want.
Teacher Reflections:

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