Lesson Plan : Sentence Basics

Teacher Name:
 Jerry Jimerson
 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 What is a Sentence?
 Sentence Structure, Usage, and Mechanics
 Students will be able to write complete sentences with appropriate use of the Nouns, pronouns, and verbs.
 TSW be able to identify a complete sentence as opposed to a sentence fragment. TSW be able to find the simple subject and simple verbs in sentences. TSW be able to identify nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs as used in sentences.
 Newspapers, Magazines, Int. Writing-I Classroom Guided Practice workbook.
 10 minutes: 1. During class sign in time, students will use newspapers and/or magazines to copy five sentences and underline the simple subject and simple verbs in those sentences. 2. Stu. will circle nouns and pronouns and draw boxes around adjective and adverbs.
 10 minutes: Selected students will place one sentence each on the board and the class will discuss 1. simple subjects; 2. simple verbs (predicates); 3. nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.
 10 minutes: in groups of four....Using exercise on page seven students will identify fragments. Using exercise 6 page 15 to identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prounouns.
 Students who have difficulty reading will work with teacher to complete the exercise orally.
Checking For Understanding:
 10 minutes: teacher will go over exercise on page four while students mark their papers. Teacher will give explanations for each answer before going on to next section.
 Teacher will diagram on board a student generated sentence to visually identify the parts of the sentence and parts of speech studied today.
 Students will write their own sentences. 1. They must be complete sentences. 2. They must underline once the simple subject and twice the simple predicate. 3. They must circle any nouns and/or pronouns used. 4. They must box any adjectives and/or adverbs used.
Teacher Reflections:
 Use the student generated sentences to determine sequence of next lesson.

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