Lesson Plan : Adjectives, Anyone

Teacher Name:
 Florence McEachern
 Grade 4
 Language Arts

 Extending vocabulary through the use of adjectives
 To help students recognize adjectives in oral and written text. To prepare students to produce descriptive writing.
 Increase vocabulary. NC Standard Course of Study Competency Goals: Grade 4 Language Arts: 1.03,2.01,2.02, 2.04 Grade 3 Language Arts: 4.08 Grade 5 Language Arts: 4.08
 Copy of the book: You Think It's Easy Being a Tooth Fairy? by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt. Copies of the story. Thinking Maps will be used through the lesson.
 As a class, we will complete a Circle Map. Students will respond to the prompt: What do you know or think you know about the Tooth Fairy? As a class, we will then do a one-sided Multi-Flow and discuss why it would be hard to be a Tooth Fairy.
 I will read the story aloud. Working in pairs and using a copy of the story, students will then place every adjective they find from the story into a Bubble Map. Students will then be called upon at random to give one of their favorite adjectives from the list. If the majority of the class votes for it, it will become one of our top five favorites.
 Each student will form a Tree Map using the class determined top five adjectives. Together, each pair will try to come up with substitute adjectives. After a pre-determined length of time, each student will roam the classroom to "steal" adjectives from their classmates. They will return to their partner to form a master list.
 Students who have a limited proficiency in the identification and use of adjective will benefit from being able to get adjectives from other students. They will also have the security of working with other students.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each group will change every adjective identified in the story with the new adjectives. As they work through the story, they will have to read and reread the story for clarity.
 Each new group will now have a general discussion. They will talk about how they feel about the activity, whether or not they feel they have learned anything, and anything else they care to discuss related to the activity. Each group will then share their responses with the class.
 I will write a descriptive paragraph and share it with the class. I will then give the students time to think about what they could write about. They will each produce a descriptive paragraph to be graded.
Teacher Reflections:

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