Lesson Plan : The "Vowel" Slide

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. G
 Grade 1
 Language Arts

 Language Arts
 Prior Knowledge: 1. Knowledge of the 26 letters of the alphabet. 2. Four Months of lessons on consonant and vowel sounds including vocabulary building and printing.
 1. Students will learn that every word must have a vowel. 2. Students will also learn how to blen three letters into a word. 3. Students learn word families.
 This lesson is designed for beginning readers to teach them how to master blending of sounds/letters together.
 1. Draw a large slide on the chalkboard. 2. Large alphabet cards.
 1. Ask students to name the vowel letters (a,e,i,o,u). 2. Ask studetns if they have ever felt afraid to go down a sliding board. 3. Tell them that all the vowels are afraid to go down a sliding board.
 1. Select a vowel to start the lesson. ex. A 2. Well, along comes two friends to help the vowel go down the slide. 3. Pick two consonants that the students have studied. ex. C, T
 1. Assign C and T to two individual students. 2. C tells A that they will go up the slide together while saying their sound ca/ca/ca/ as they go up each step. Students act out. 3. T waits at the bottom of the slide to catch them. 4. They draw out the sound as they slide down and add the T sound as it catches them at the bottom.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Monitor understanding throughout lesson. 2. Slow the process or repeat the activity if needed. Some students may require one-on-one assistance.
 1. Praise for a job well done.
 1. By the third day, students should be able to conduct lesson independent from the teacher.
Teacher Reflections:
 1. Determine if students are ready to move on to a more complicated but related lesson on the blending of sounds to make words (new word family).

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