Lesson Plan : Reading Into Context and Meaning

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Pagon
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Reading Comprehension.
 "From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler." Prefatory Letter from Mrs. Frankweiler to her lawyer. Words: Chauffeur; investigated; carbon copy; testament; will; account
 To engender an interesting discussion about the letter amongst the students, helping them to draw in their won background knowledge and build upon the knowledge of their peers.
 To introduce new vocabulary in a meaningful context. To get the students to visualize the content of the letter, and to think about the details. To have the students make specific predictions about what might happen later in the book.
 New Word Cards. Copies of the book. Composition Books.
 In a previous class, we have already discussed the title and cover of the book at some length, drawing the students into a good discussion about how different things might have been in 1967, and getting them to recognize the background knowledge they already have.
 Introduce the new terminology for this lesson. Read the letter aloud to the students, slowly and with feeling and emphasis. Underline the new words as they appear.
 Start the discussion by pointing out one or two matters that particularly caught my attention while I read, drawing out the discussion in some detail, bringing in background knowledge, prior experience and personal responses.
 For more advanced reading groups, ask them to read aloud amongst themselves in pairs. For struggling readers, read aloud myself.
Checking For Understanding:
 Conclude the class with a 5 minute writing exercise, in which they are asked to summarize what particularly struck them from the preceding discussion.
 Briefly introduce the next section to be read, to create some interest and connect it to the initial letter.
 Degree of class participation. Quality of class participation. Written response.
Teacher Reflections:

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