Lesson Plan : Phonics and Two Syllable Words

Teacher Name:
 Grade 3
 Special Education

 Dividing closed two syllable words
 closed syllables CVC CVCCVC pattern words
 Given a controlled list of CVCCVC words, students will analyze and decode words.
 When given a word students will: - label letters as consonant or vowel -underline the CVC patterns -label individual syllables as closed or other -blend sounds within individual closed syllables -blend combined closed syllables
 a list of controlled closed two syllable words with individual sounds/patterns already learned individual charting for each student
 Write a closed three syllable word on the board. Ask if any student can read the word. Explain today's lesson students will learn how to break closed two syllable words apart to make them easier to read. Guide students syllable by syllable to decode word. Then explain that once students can decode closed two syllable words they can use that skill to decode three and more syllable words "like what's on the board" by themselves.
 Teacher guided modeling of labeling, underlining, blending and combining syllables. Teacher guided questions of steps needed to analyze word and decode closed two syllable words as students model the labeling, underlining, blending, and combining of syllables.
 Students are put in pairs and they take turns analyzing words one step at a time. (1st student labels vowels and consonants or a word then the 2nd student underlines CVC patterns, etc) Teacher walks around checking that steps are done correctly giving assistance when needed.
 Different size fonts, color overlays, when students finish early have them encode on the back of their paper their own set of closed two syllable words.
Checking For Understanding:
 Walking around when students are in pairs and checking on how they label the consonants vowels, underline their CVC syllables and how they decode their words when the class goes over the list.
 Put a new closed three syllable word on the board. Have the class analyze the word. Ask the class how they were able to decode the word correctly. (They will explain how they analyzed a closed two syllable word and just added one more syllable)-guide where needed.
 Students will independently read a list of ten closed two syllable words and have their results charted.
Teacher Reflections:
 Teacher will review charted results and notate missed words and analyze possible weakness of steps and explicitly give mini lesson for weakness.

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